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    End Actions and Chapters.

    Hi all I am new to Adobe Encore 2. I have a project 1 menu and four chapters ( Play all, Intro, Main and Deleted Scenes). When I go into the preview it plays fine and everything is doing what it supposed to do. Apart from one thing, that is when I select play all it runs through from the start, goes through chapter 2 - 3 and when it hits cahpter 4 the last chapter it does'nt play that chapter at all and returns to the main menu.

    I have tried and tried but cannot figure out what is wrong, I need Play All to run through all chapters and at the very end of the project to return to the Main Menu.

    Any ideas?

    Thankyou in advanced deakant

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    Have you got the end action of Chapter 3 set correctly, ie got to Chapter 4?
    Dave Owen


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