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    Recording with PC help!

    Hey there~
    I recently began trying my hand at recording and man there's a lot to learn! The first thing I learned is that it is REALLY easy to get caught up in all the hardware and drop hundreds while your still in "amateur" class just trying to get a good sound.

    So here is what I've acquired so far:
    1 - Cheap Shure Dynamic Microphone (50$ from Fry's)
    This came with an XLR (the mic) output to a 1/8" output to go into a soundcard... which I later learned was not ideal so I bought an XLR to XLR cable (20$).
    2 - M.Audio FireWire Solo Mobile Audio Interface (200$)
    This is an external interface with XLR inputs that connects to computer by FireWire... I was told firewire is the best/fastest way to go to PC.

    Here are my Connections:
    Dynamic Mic <XLR> Ext. Interface <Firewire> PC

    I'm basically covering some Jason Mraz sounding stuff for now. The recordings sound "OK". Would getting a Condenser Mic make that big of a difference considering my interface and connection to the PC? Is it possible that a condenser mic is "too good" and constrained by the Firewire solo?

    Please help!

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    firewire products are amazingly good for price

    the things that make the difference in sound are mics and pres

    id say

    get a condenser mic (at2020 for cheap, rodes ntk for mid, neuman for expensive)

    n a good pre-amp

    n the firewire box will sound pro

    all boxes have about the same frequency range

    so, about all interfaces are about the same

    they juz range in the builtin pres, the amount of inputs, the amount of digital inputs, and what program it can b used 4 (urs can use pro tools m-powered which is pretty nice, but can use pro-tools le, that requires digidesign 002 n 003 equiptment


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