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    Got it

    Hi there Day I got your email and have just replied to you.

    Speak to you soon.

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    I don't see any streaming video's there. Where do I look. I can help if you if need some advise on wmv encoding and streaming on a webpage but I need to see what the problem is first. By the way is your writeup in

    From an overview are you looking to make some tutorials, that's what I get from my brief look on your site? If you are then it's way easier to do in flash for that and probably better if you want to insert extra stuff in the tutorial. Also .mov is probably not the way to go to embedded media, wmp is better for various reasons including less broswer crashing and the time it takes for .mov to load and also that if you want to go full screen you need to buy the player from apple.
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    Quote: TheInfiniteActuary
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    If there are any streaming video experts out there willing to help me out for a fee, please PM me. Thanks.
    Hello , I can help you. Our company deals with software development and streaming video. Contact us using any of our messengers.

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    help with your video streaming

    I can also help you, if you did not get help yet.....
    send me an email to
    I do live streaming on my website also, but i dont have really good cameras as yet but take a look any how

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    and now if you still have not found a way to stream, I guarantee I can get you going in less than an hour or I will send you $10. That's how sure I am!
    email me at

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