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    DVD Burner

    Hi I have a philips DVD burner and i was wanting to know whats the best program out there for that? Its a dell desktop pc with the philips DVD burner in it. I want to burn my own movies from that and i will also need to know what type of dvd duel layers that i would need for that........... Im having problems where the AOA and a few others i have is not working and the duel layer dvds is not doing the job also. Sorry for all the questions but would be very happy if someone can please help me thank you

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    for the first question, you might want to check out this sight.

    personally i use DVD Studio Pro, but it is an apple program.

    as far as the second and 3rd question, i am not very sure what you are asking me, there are a bunch of PC users on here though, so be patient, someone will answer them for you.

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    Don't know much about dual layer DVDs I'm afraid, but in my experience Nero is great burning software. For ripping, DVD Shrink gets good reviews. Of course I would never condone illegal ripping but I do think there's a case for backing up movies you own.
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    I also do use DVD Studio Pro, since it permits me work with audio, video, graphics, and text materials that I have already created and edited and orchestrate them into a DVD that can be played on a DVD player or a suitably equipped computer. I think it is good.

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    I understand this is an old thread, Dec. 2006, and much has changed in the DVD writing software since then. Mostly for the better. Namely, there is oodles of very good freeware that quite often rivals the paid stuff, and offers more features.

    I'm using a Memorex DVD writer and Nero for backing up data, images and stuff.
    I've tried some dual layer DVDs without any luck. They are way too expensive, and only the first part played back in most cases.

    Since Magic DVD Copier does such a good job compressing, I use it for making backups of some of my videos.
    Also, since I started using brand name media, namely SONY DVDs and CDs, my recordings are 100% reliable. A bit more expensive but absolutely worth every penny.

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    If you have some DVD Folder or ISO Image File on your hard drive? You can try Any DVD Cloner Platinum and burn them to discs!


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