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    DV playback problem

    I am new to DV Camcorders and this problem is probably quite simple to answer.
    I have a Canon MV700, my daughter who lives in Australia has a JVC Dv camcorder, the tape she used in Australia on her JVC will play back with sound through mine, but there are grey bars running across the screen a bit like a venitian blind, can someone explain why this is happening, is the australian system different to ours in the UK.

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    I thought that the 2 systems where the same set up I am however in the US, so i am not entirely sure. i have not however had a problem running AUS vid.

    any of you across the pond know any different?
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    You're right kawsakimx6, the system used by Oz and the UK is the same (PAL).

    This sounds more like a problem with dirty heads. If so, the big question is whether the problem was with the recording camera or the playback camera. If it was the recording camera, your daughter will find other recordings have the same problem. In this case there is nothing you can do - the recording is stuffed.

    If the problem is with your playback camera, a head-clean should solve it.

    I'd recommend cleaning your heads first and suggesting your daughter do the same. You can buy head-cleaning tapes that will do the trick, or you could send the camera away for a service (more expensive but theoretically safer).
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