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    DVD Authoring Software

    Hi all,
    Can anyone reccomend some good DVD Authoring software, I need to make professional looking DVD's from Avid DV Express. In spite of this I would like something low cost and easy to drive, I don't need elaborate menu structures, and basic audio will do.
    Any suggestions ?

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    I, too, use Avid Xpress DV and I like DVD Lab (standard). I don't remember the cost but they offer a 30 day trial version. There's lots of info about this program from users of it at the Avid Xpress DV forum.

    Good Luck,


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    I use Adobe Encore, it has all the bells and whistles but sounds like more than you are looking for. You will soon get tired of a simple dvd authoring program but until then check out NERO 7. It now has Nero Vision that can author simple dvd menus and it transcodes and burns without any glitches. It can also convert Pal to NTSC or vice versa for DVD authoring.
    Even in Encore I will transcode to an ISO or DVD files ( vobs) but perfer to burn in NERO.

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    I use DVD studio Pro. It is a mac application, and there is more info about it here
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    Hi All
    A little new here so I'm still feeling my way around. With DVD Authoring I have tried many and also still return to DVD Lab from Mediachance..I have always used Vegas for all my video work but never liked DVD Architect from Sony.
    A useful hint for DVD Lab users....also get RealDraw Pro!! it's an awesome graphics program and also acts as a plug-in for DVD Lab so your text and buttons can really look good. My biggest complaint with the others was the limited text options so the above means you have have a menu with 3D style text with controllable bevels, shadows and it will look good.

    Hope this helps


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    Excellent Chris!
    I'm the opposite of you though!. I tried to persevere with DVD Lab Pro and have resorted to 'Architect'. I did, however, download the trial of Real Draw Pro and purchased it after 20 mins. Thanks for the heads up!.


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