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    transfer hd or sd video to laptop

    Hi, I am trying to transfer video, hd or sd, from my camcorder to laptop. I have hooked up a HDMI cable but I can't seem to locate the device (camcorder). Do I need another cable, software or process. Thanks !!
    Computer: Dell Inspiron 9300 -- Windows XP Media Center -- Intel Pentium M 1.73 Ghz -- 1.00 GB RAM -- 88.4 GB hd -- Ports: S-video-- USB (6) -- DVI --IEEE 1394 -- Audio (2)
    Camcorder: Sony HDR-HC3 HDV 1080i/MiniDv -- Ports: Component Video -- A/V Connector -- HDMI out -- I.LINK -- USB
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    You need a firewire (6 or 9 pin depending on your computer) to dv wire

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