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    rs232 - what can it do?

    i have the Behringer DDX3216 mixer at the school i work at and it has a RS232 port on the back.

    as far as i understand this can be used to transfer updates and files to the onboard memory of the mixer.

    but can i do anything else? i was hoping it would have somthing to do with remote device control so i could control the mixer using the computer. if not, does anyone have any idea if this desk can be controlled?

    i didn't buy it and the school has lost the only English maunal, leaving me with the german and spanish ones! brilliant!

    thanks for your help


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    Also wondering this for the school im working at!
    Both the cd player and the sound board have rs232 connectors, if it possiable to link them together for fader start or simiular?

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    You can try using the google search for your question.

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