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    panasonic pv-l600d question

    Hi, probably not the right forum - and if not, sorry about that.

    I'm looking to use a helmet camera. I'll have to carry a digital video camera with me on the motorcycle (off-road) so it has a good chance of taking a good hit. So I don't want anything expensive...

    I already have an inexpensive panasonic pv-l600d - but don't know if it's considered a digital recorder? I see it has an AV jack, but nothing in the manual states that it's actually a digital recorder which I guess is needed in order to use one of these "helmet cams". Is this thing considered a "digital recorder" or ???

    Clue me in guys (and ladies) and thank you very much.


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    If the camera has "a good chance of taking a good hit" then I'd be inclined to go to your local hire company and pay for insurance through them for the duration of the hire.


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