First of all I'd like to commend you all on such wonderful input. Its been so much help.

Heres the situation:
Live event that needs to be broadcasted via internet. Now they will be giving me an input from a camera. I will be taking a server to the location and connecting via a gigabit LAN and the will provide a DNS resolution to my server. They will then put a link in there website pointing to my server.

In my home lab, I installed Windows Server 2003 w/ SP1 and installed Windows Streaming Media Server and Windows 9 Encoder. Now I connected a regular USB cam and was able to connect through my local LAN. But when i go outside my local LAN, I can connect to the link but cant view anything. The media player tries to connect then just goes back to ready.

Another thing is how do I connect those guys cameras or feed into my server. Im a System Admin and I really havent had any experience in this field.

Please give me any input that you have cuz I really need it.

thanks in advance.