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    Jack Black in King Kong

    Jack Black is off to New Zealand to star in a remake of "King Kong."

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    Also Dave Owen

    Re: Jack Black in King Kong

    Hey, I like your name. Looks like you are a prolific poster here.

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    Re: Dave Owen

    Great, we finally get someone else posting here and his name is Dave Owen!

    I see there's a few of us around the internet. Not sure if I've ever actually spoken to one before though.

    Regarding this forum, when I get time I'm going to try and lean on a few people to post more messages here. Lots of people visit but not many will post messages if it doesn't look like there's much activity. In the meantime I'll keep posting from time to time and maybe a few others will join in.


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    Principal photography for King Kong has wrapped with a trademark party hosted by Peter Jackson.

    I'm not sure if I'm surpised or not, but after the massive following LOTR attracted in New Zealand, there has been barely a peep about Kong. It's hardly ever mentioned in the news. Maybe we're suffering burnout from LOTR.

    Anyway, I hope this goes well for Peter. He needs a good followup after LOTR to show that it wasn't a fluke. Of course us Kiwis know it wasn't, but most people see LOTR as his first effort.

    Go PJ
    Dave Owen


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