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    Easy/ Inexpensive Way to Broadcast a Nightly Show to 100 Viewers ?

    Hi. I would like to set up a daily, interactive web show that will stream live to up to 100 viewers to start. I have a Logitech Fusion webcam and client software, and now looking for the most inexpensive option to stream the media live (flash or windows media format).

    I've looked at several streaming services but the bandwidth pricing (most expensive piece) does not seem to correlate with a standard web hosting plan. For example, I have a $20/month web hosting plan at MediaTemple that includes a full 1 terabyte of bandwidth per month. The video streaming host services seem to charge many, many times that amount for much, much less bandwidth.

    What am I missing here? (I know the argument that many hosts *say* 1 terabyte or whatever, but really don't live up to that... but, according to user posts in other forums, many customers get close to that amount monthly with no problem)

    Is there an opensource/freeware media server technology that I could run on my linux host (or a dedicated server) and take advantage of the much cheaper bandwidth for a less expensive solution?

    What have others done?


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    Web Hosting is only profitable because hoster oversell there servers. What you get offered and what you really get are two different things. They may offer 10 Gbyes of space and 1 TeraByte of bandwidth but they they know that most people will never be able to use it or even if the website is busy that the bandwidth will ever be used since it's a shared 100mb port that can only do 33,000 Gbytes per month max. It's just a selling point.

    Now, what happens if someone is getting a busy site with a large usage of resources on the server. The hosting company will probably ask you to leave. The most important thing to a webhosting company is server load and actual hard drive space. Bandwidth is really not a issue anymore as it was in the past.

    Streaming providers provide you with the actual limit of the streams meaning that if they provide 10 spaces at 300k each then that mean you get that all the time.

    If you expect a hundred people at say 500k then it's cheaper to get a dedicated server. You can use shoutcast, videolan, darwin, and several others that are free to use on linux.


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