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    Hard Drive date rate mysterious decreased

    I've had my computer for 3 years and it's C-Drive (*120GB Western Digital 5400RPM EIDE Hard Drive) would accept uploaded DV video with no problems. But for around 3 months, my programs Pinnacle Studio Version 9.4.6 and Adobe Premier Pro 7 have started dropping frames. When I did a data rate check, I got the error message that C drive is uncapable of DV capture.

    My question: What can cause the decreased data speed of my hard drive for DV capture and what can I do to fix it?

    My computer specifications:*Motherboard - L4S5MG
    *800MHz Front Side Bus System Board w/Intel 865PE Chipset
    *Intel Pentium 4.266 GHz HyperThreading Processor.
    *It's made by Viscom (V2 Premier).
    *120GB Western Digital 5400RPM EIDE Hard Drive
    *SIS 64MB AGP Video
    *Creative Sound Blaster Live 24 bit sound card
    *DVD-RW/CD-RW Drive (working fine)
    *DVD Drive (being fickel, as well as my floppy disk drive)
    *PRO-9 Compact Flashcard Reader with Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, SmartMedia, MicroDrive, Multimedia, Secure Digital, xD, and FireWire ports
    *OS is Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
    *NLEs are Adobe Premier 7.0, Pinnacle Studio Version 9 (the program where I do my data rate test), and Sony Vegas

    Any suggestions would really be appreciated!

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    It sounds like a problem with the drive being full, See how much space s on the actual drive. If this is full you should move files to another drive, or put them all on CD. Also there are a few full system scans that will check to see if there is a spyware or virus problem. is the one i use.
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    Thank you!

    I'll give it a try!


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