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    true streaming components ?


    this is my first post and i don't know much about video.

    i have a couple of videos in many format mjpeg, divx-avi, wmv, etc.

    my first question is:
    is it possible to "stream" these videos from a PC in true streaming way and not pseudo download them ? I ask the question because some of the above format don't have a streaming architecture (cf. what i've heard!).

    i should maybe ask the general question what video formats can be streamed and what can't and how to make them "stream-able" (e.g. re-encode to quicktime or wmv ?) ?

    I'm not capturing anything (all my videos comes from family trips and already recorded in mjpeg and sometimes converted to DivX for compatibility and storage reasons) so i'm confused with all these streaming cards (beginning at $200 nd up to thousands) which essentially capture since the streaming process -if i understand- is done in PC via the central CPU. All i need is streaming the already captured videos.

    So my second question is:

    what are the different components (or any product like a streaming server soft on PC - i prefer freeware if it exists) needed to truly stream all my videos stored in my PC ?
    By truly streaming i mean sending it via RTSP/RTP/UDP stack and not the downloadable tradditional FTP/TCP stack.

    and my third and last question (for now is:

    if i want to do it myself i.e. coding a small and simple streaming server
    application (via RTSP/RTP/UDP) what development framework i'd need ? i think the RTSP and RTP should be available on Windows XP and/or Linux. The question is how to program on top of them, what and where is the corresponding API and what tools do i need ? and of course, is there any tutorials or guide for doing such thing.

    thanks very much

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    Download videolan at and it will transcode most codec's to a streaming format that you want. It has a built in video streaming server which you can use to stream over the internet or intranet.

    Or if you have money then for there helix server.

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    Try taking a look at, this is a free media server that works well with many different formats of video, audio and pictures. I'm not sure it will stream all of yours, but it will do the majority of your formats. And it is FREE!

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    We have a file convertor from any video format with its further broadcasting in website's flash player. To work this convertor requires a free RED5 server. The convertation happenes while loading the file in Admins zone.


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