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    Pd 170 Audio Possibility

    I want that my Pd170 camcorder records in 2 channels. One for the embedded mic and the other for an external mic. The embedded mic is connected in the input 1 and the external mic in the input 2.

    My adjustments are the following:

    INPUT 1:

    +48V: ON

    INPUT 2:

    +48V: ON

    When I capture footage in PP, I can hear both audios, but only in a single audio track.

    How can I do to obtain 2 audio tracks when i capture, one for the embedded mic and the other for the external mic?

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    not be a smart ass, but, buy a new camera. that camera only captures in one channel, so that is all you are going to get out of it
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    This camera captures in 2 channels. (stereo, if you want) or 2 mono tracks, depending of your configuration.

    I did what I wanted to do already. Thanks anyway.


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