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    Video Capture Quality Issues

    I'm having a video capturing image loss issue. My Panasonic DVC30 records a beautiful image. However, when I go to preview and then capture, the image
    quality loss is awful. I have a 9600xt All-In-Wonder graphics card and I've attempted both S-video and RCA with similar results. I've also tweaked the capturing quality options in the Studio 8 and Windows video capturing programs. I'm at a loss and could really use some advice. I want to record and render an image that is the same on my camera! What should I do? Thanks.

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    OK this could be caused by a number of reasons.

    first.....Plug your camera directly in to a monitor, and make sure the quality is as high as you think that it is. I am not calling you a lier, but i have had the same problem....the image is Awesome in the view finder, but once it is at full resolution the image quality is not nearly as good. (grainy image, usually has to do with lighting)

    Ok that is good? Second......If you have the option to use an S-Video cable NEVER use a RCA connection. and make sure that the cable is good and the connections on both ends are good

    Still good? Third.....What type of VIEDO card do you have? I am sure it is something that would capture the vid fine, so you need to go into the settings of your card and Editing program (studio 8) make sure that it is set to receive DVC 30 video and not DVC PRO video. and also make sure that there is enough room on your hard drive. to capture said video where ever it needs to be captured.

    So you have made it this far and you can't find anything wrong? Does it look bad in the editor? Have you tried to print it back to tape? sometimes the compression into the small window on your computer editor messes up the way that it looks, but it is still fine. Try to print something back to tape. (your camera will do this if you don't have a deck) then play it on a monitor.

    See if that helps at all.......If not come back and see if you can put the video somewhere on the internet that i can look at it and maybe help you farther.

    Hope this helps
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    The best quality seems to be gained by using a "Firewire" connection between the Camera and the Computer, but be ready for some very large files. You may also have to fit a "Firewire" card to your Computer to enable you to use this method. This will give you the best quality your camera is capable of though.

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    Video Capture Quality Issues

    It might be everything is just fine. The footage you see on a computer monitor can differ immensely from what you get to see on your television screen. An analog television set uses a much lower screen resolution than most contemporary computer monitors. So the quality on the computer monitor may be poor, while on tv, after editing and exporting, everything just might be fine.


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