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    VGA Capture

    Ive been trying to find out the best way to capture graphic card out put on to a second machine. I'm currently using Fraps to record gaming from the GPU.

    At the moment I know of several ways, but usually this consists of using the s video out on the GPU card. Which is ok but of course the quality isn't as good as recording with fraps straight from the local machine.

    I just don't know enough yet about the different flavours of output/input combinations to get the best results.

    Ideally I could do with a VGA capture card which I can either split the signal with a VGA splitter cable, then fire that over to the capture card on the second machine. The only ones I've found so far are really expensive, pro gear.

    So the question is. Anyone know the best combination to get the best quality?

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    I have been using Fraps for a couple of years myself. A few weeks ago I got a cross server tell (playing Everquest) asking some technical stuff about some videos I had put up on the net. One was how to capture to a second machine.

    I didn't know the answer, so I went back and forth in tells a bit with this person. Anyhow we found the answer and it was easy enough...

    Open up Fraps and click the "Movies" tab.

    Then click the "Change" button next to the Folder to save movies in text.

    From there navigate in standard windows style to a shared folder in "My Network Places" that is located on the target machine.

    Click "OK"

    As long as your two machines are networked together and the target folder is a shared folder, your Fraps movies will be saved to the second machine.

    Now with that said, I haven't actually captured anything across the network like this during actual game play. I just opened up Fraps pointed its output to a shared folder on another machine and tested it with a clip from desktop in WMP. It saved to the other comp just fine. I have no clue if this method will cause any lag while gaming though.

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    Actually I just re-read your post and I think your question was more along the lines of how to capture to a second machine without using Fraps at all.

    In all honesty I have never found anything to come close to the quality Fraps delivers - be it additional hardware or other software. That said on my old machine I did have issues with performance while Fraps was running.

    If performance is an issue with Fraps, and thats why you want to save output to a second machine, try backing up a few releases of Fraps. Version 2.8.2 (newest release) seems to have a few adverse side effects with the new Duel Core resolution support. On my old machine, I used to record at full resolution (1280x1024) at 50 FPS. Fraps actually recorded in half resolution because it was over the max allowable. I had no problems capturing at that speed once I messed around with some setting in the game itself.

    When version 2.8.0 was released, Fraps offered support for full resolution for duel core CPUs. I suffered no performance issues with the above resolution and FPS capture rates - at full 1280x1024 instead of 640x512. However, when 2.8.1 was released (fairly sure it was this release and it carried over to 2.8.2) I suffered major performance issues at 50 FPS. This is also true of my new machine - Pentium D 3.2 with 1 gig of RAM and 512MB GPU (vs PIII 2.4 512 RAM and 128MB GPU). Dropping back to 30 FPS fixed the issue but I lose some flexibility in post production when I need more than a 30 framerate.

    I was actually considering dropping back a few releases myself but I have gotten so far away from slow motion in my videos it wouldn't much matter now.

    Anyhow if performance is the main issue, try messing around with the Fraps settings along with your in game settings. I spent a few hours doing this early on and I was able to get great results with a very subpar machine.


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