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    AVI files and streaming

    I just read through the tutorial on streaming. Very helpful. Thank you.

    I have inherited a project where the intention is to access video-based software demos/training. The assumption is that we'd use a streaming server and AVI files.

    1) After reading your tutorial, it seems to me that I should be thinking about converting the AVIs to a streaming format. It seems to that AVI files are fine for downloading but they are not a streaming format. Is that right?

    2) I'm not convinced yet that we have the need for streaming, but again... I've inherited an existing project.

    3) The demos/training files have thus far been generated with Snag-it - a tool that records your desktop actions into AVI formats. They are mostly screen shots and cursor actions. It seems to me that if we do stream, using Snag-It to create AVIs and then converting them (per #1 above) would be a reasonable approach. Any suggestions or additional things I should be considering?


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    Avi's are containers that hold the video and audio codec. Find out what codec was used. If you need progressive streaming and it's in divx or xvid then use the divx web player. If it in wmv then you can use windows media. You can stream it progressively even though it's in a avi container.

    Or you can re-encode it and use a standard codec for all your videos. I'd recommend using windows media server or apple's media server. There is flash also but unlike most people I don't recommend it for a vod setup or video streaming at all for many various reasons. If you have money the helix server at real. For free would be videolan.


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