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    Bowling for Columbine

    Wow, we got the movie out Bowling for Columbine the other night. Boy was it fascinating. I could just not believe some of the things that came out regarding the attitude of many Americans relating to guns. People that felt because the constitution said you could have a loaded gun they did so in their homes at all times with absolutely no consideration of the safety issues. The fact that it is OK for any Tom, Dick or Harry to have an automatic weapon, that a bank in one State gave away a gun if you opened an account! and that KMart sell guns and bullets too! There was much more to the movie as well, too much to write about. If you have not seen it it is well worth a look. Mike Moore has done a pretty good job of it and really raised some very interesting issues relating to guns, fear, the US government's role and various gun lobby groups.
    I'm really looking forward to seeing Mike Moores latest movie as apparently it's pretty controversial.

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    Re: Bowling for Columbine

    I though this movie would just bum me out but it was actually quite funny as well as being scary. Michael Moore has a good knack of letting the ironic humour speak for itself.

    And how about that bank giving away guns! Unvelievable.

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    Nigel Landers

    Re: Bowling for Columbine

    I wish there were more movies/documentaries being made like this. Bowling for Columbine was good but it was a lonely voice. Also, a lot of people don't like Mike Moore. We need more documentaries made by mainsteam producers about why violence is such a big part of USA culture.


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