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    Learning Guide To A/V?

    Hello all!
    First of all, im 20 years old and kinda new to the A/V world.. Im currently a Stagehand in Las Vegas, NV; But I would like to be an A/V Technician. I know quite a bit about the field but just not enough to earn my A/V card at the Local 720 Union Hall, so I'm stuck doing basic IND labor, kicking carpet and such. I was browsing around websites trying to find some learning guides, but the best ones I found actually charge quite a nominal fee to use it. Im just looking for something to list the uses and purposes of all major audio/video connectors, the basics of lighting, things like phantom power and differences between composite/component. I know I could search all of this individually, but I would rather have a website that has all of those to cure the headache! Anyone got some options?

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