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    Best Flash Video I have ever scene

    Here is a link to the Digidesign website. They have a bunch of videos that load quickly are large and look great. Has anyone been able to get results like this. if so what software, what settings. I have been trying for a while now using sorenson squeeze, I do not have the on2 plugin yet. I have tested it with the water mark but my video still doesn't come close.

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    What's so special about that. Yes it's probably using vp6 codec for flash so get the on2 plugin for squeeze.

    Speed, look at how many hops they go through to reach you. Very fast and it's because they are are at dc with alot of peering points for the servers. I'm in cali and took less then 7 hops to reach me, same as my servers. takes 19 hops to reach me. Youtube takes 9 hops.

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    Encoding Flash 8 Video

    Or perhaps they used this, it's what I use for doing two-pass Flash 8 and gives very good results:


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