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Thread: The Apprentice

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    Nigel Landers

    The Apprentice

    Has anyone been watching this show? I've only just caught up with it but it's quite interesting. A bunch of junior executive types battle it out for a job with Donald Trump. They are split into teams (boys and girls) and have to do tasks like negotiate deals and make money.

    So far the boys are taking a thrashing!

    I wonder how realistic it all is.

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    The Buttkisser

    Re: The Apprentice

    Our tutor told us to watch it to see how the professionals operate. But after a few weeks she changed her mind and told us to watch it to see how the amateurs operate!

    I know it must be hard doing this stuff on tv but these people don't seem that good really.

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    Re: The Apprentice

    I watched the final last night. Although the program had some fairly serious problems as far as fairness goes (you wouldn't normally want to use this system to choose an apprentice), I suppose from a television point of view it is prefereable to most of the other reality competition programs on offer.

    We all love to judge the contestants and point out how we would have done much better. While programs like Big Brother concentrate on how obnoxious or sexually liberated the contestants are, at least The Apprentice was more about people's skills and leadership attributes.

    As long as you don't take it too seriously I think The Apprentice was a good show. I'd watch it again.


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    Took a bit of a different slant after Mr Trump's casino operation went bust. I bet that hurt his ego.


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