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    How to connect a PowerAmp to a hometheater receiver

    Hello EveryOne,

    I want to connect a powerAmp to my receiver and connect my speakers to PowerAmp, but all the inputs and outputs are differrent.

    Here is my situation. I have 2 pairs of speakers. One of them is JBL E100, (rms ~250)and another pair is Karaoke speaker from Japan they can handle up to 800 watts. I am using a Yamaha receiver RX-V1, It has 2 outputs for speaker A and B, 110 watts each.

    I turn max volume on the RXV1, it still not enough power to drive 2 pair of speakers. So, I am planing to buy a PowerAmp to put more power to the speakers, but DONOT know IF there is a way to hook up because the home theater receiver PreOut outputs are RCA... the PowerAmp has diff. inputs.

    And how about from PowerAmp to Speakers. Is there any adapters out there that can fix the problem. I went to GuitarCenter to ask but the saleman couldnot help me.

    PowerAmp I am looking at is Crown 402.

    Any expert in here please give me some advice, Am I planing the right way? Is their any other solution? Is it a good way to power the speakers?

    Thank in advance.

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    Whoa there buddy..

    the receiver is an 8 Ohm as are the speakers. However the Power Amp is 4 Ohms. I am sure there is a way......but i don't know it. I would try to keep all the Ohm outputs and inputs the same!!!!
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