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    An All in One Video Solution?

    Im looking for (not sure if it exists)

    An all in one video streaming solution.

    I want to pop a DVD / CD in our server and have the software convert the DVD if needed. Copy it into an area and then automatically generate a link or the script for me to place the video on our website.

    Is this to far fetched?

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    You'll probably have to write some sort of script for that so the workstation will start encoding when the dvd is popped in. I suppose it be like dvdx + videolan or maybe just videolan since it can transcode from a dvd but you'll probably need to still script some automated setup for that.

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    We have a file convertor from any video format with its further broadcasting in website's flash player. To work this convertor requires a free RED5 server. The convertation happenes while loading the file in Admins zone.


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