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    Twister Video Mixer from India

    In India we concentrate more on multi camera set up for wedding ceremony with a good video mixer which can generate lot of 3d transitions and graphics. I have a video mixer called Twister (Made in India) and this machine is capable of producing on line 3d effects with lots of graphic designs/patterns.

    Any one heard of this? If yes, please discuss on this. And would you like to know more on this, please ask me.



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    I have used one. If you are trying to sell me one, NO THANKS. they are neat looking, once you open the box and set it up it was nothing but problems, till i stopped using it.
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    I hope you are talking about the Twister on line video mixer. I am not trying to sell it, but I would like to discuss it on this forum. But I rather surprised that you have faced problem on opening the box. Are you talking about Twister video mixer or the Video Toaster (VT4), as I understand the Twister machine is not supplied out side India.

    Are you from which part of the world?

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    Sorry to offend you

    Hey dude,

    Twister is crap. It has nothing but eye candy effects. If you want to do professional stuff.. go for pinnacle...liquid edition or Avid... Forget showing stuff live.. The most important is a h.q..dvd which can be done pretty well with LE or Avid..

    I hope this helps..

    Ash from Bangalore


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