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    ringtone converting help!

    Okay, I have the SUPER program encode my mp3/wav into amr_nb/amr_wb but i don't know where to put the file into my phone. I have a SHP-A900, the Samsung Sprint Phone. When I connect my phone to my computer and access the mass storage I see these folders: BLUETOOTH, DCIM, filestore, MEDIA, and MUSIC. I don't know where to place the encode file!!! help me plz!!!


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    I think mp3 to ringtone gold can help you

    I think mp3 to ringtone gold can help you , you can download it at , I have tried it , it is wonderful .

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    Maybe you can try imtoo 3gp video converter, it very helpful and easy to use
    Although it is a shareware, it worth every piece of my money

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    You can also try yasa 3gp video converter to convert mp3 to amr_nb or amr_wb. It works properly for me.


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