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    Need Help equipment needs

    I was put on a project today by our CEO, who wants a video tutorial made that will be streamed on our Intranet site.
    I have no Idea as to what equipment/software I will need. can anyone give me direction on this.
    and No, Jumping out the window is not an option.. :-) I do have some limited experence working in Flash but not with video.
    thanks in advance
    Chuck USA

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    Re: Need Help equipment needs

    I forgot to mention the camera he was looking to buy to make this video would be a digital camera.
    thanks again,

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    Re: Need Help equipment needs

    Hi Chuck,

    There are two steps - making the video file and putting it on the server. The following tutorial should help with the second step (i.e. how to put your finished video file on the intranet):

    As for making the video tutorial itself, that's not a simple explanation and there are many options. In short, you need a camera, a way to get footage from the camera onto a computer, and software to edit the footage and prepare it for streaming.

    Any mid-range digital camera should be fine for simple stuff. The most common methods of getting the footage onto your computer are Firewire and USB connections - make sure you get a camera and computer with one of these options. See our "Equipment" section for info about popular cameras (especially Panasonic and Sony MiniDV cameras).

    For editing, you could use a standard package like Adobe Premiere. See the following page for a few more options:

    It might help us to give you a more definitive answer if you could tell us:

    - Do you already have a computer to use for editing? If so, what specs? If not, how much can you spend on a new editing computer?
    - What is your budget for the camera and software?
    - What exactly is the content of the video tutorial? e.g. Will it be mostly talking heads? Will there be graphics or special effects involved? Does the quality have to be high, or is this a fast-and-dirty operation?


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    Cartoni Tripod

    Have a Cartoni Tripod that needs servicing.
    Live in Seattle area. Know of any local servicers?


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