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    Darwin!- dont worry server works just a q

    i can open http:// files to sorta i guess stream? idk what its doing with http but it opens the quicktime viewer. ok i wanne know why the rstp:// wont open my files?
    i also want to know the file format exactly to stream this video content to my phone razr v3m- i know its 3gp but i dont know what codec to put it in.

    plz reply back asap!
    if there anyone who wants to join my server. no prob ill send you the link to my site and you can request content. plz no porn, music videos, or music. i preffer episodes, cartoons or movies! thnks all

    1nce again the sooner you reply the sooner i can get the web server and site up and fully running!

    p.s. sry for the bad spelling, grammer, or anything rong with my stuff.
    Im that good in english

    EDIT: omg i might have it working !!!!!! i can start it up but doing this rtsp://my ip :80/
    if so my other question is how to boost the servers connection because its not to fast it does like 7 seconds then laggs
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