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    XLR to Mini Jack Wiring

    Im looking at wiring up a 2x xlr to mini jack cable to hook up a laptop to our sound-desk and wanted to check that my wiring is correct before i do any damage!

    My idea is to:
    Connect pins 1&3 to sleve on both the left and right XLR plau (i presume there is no different between joining these in the XLR end then running seperate cables down.... correct?)

    Connect pin 2 on the left xlr to the tip

    and connect pin 2 on the right xlr to the ring.

    I am presuming i wont need a DI or such device to process the signal, correct?

    Thanks for the assistance

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    This would give you signal, yes! is it correct no!, You would be wise to use an impedence matching device such as a dual DI or there are many other solutions for this , whirlwind, Radial, Rolls and so on all make a device for this. This will solve the problem of impedence as well as the problem of drive noise and emi. or to make it easy, go 1/4" unbalanced to 1/8".

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    You no longer need a DI to process the signal.

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    So the method i stated will work, and a DI is not required?

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    ui05 it will work. It will not be the best quality sound. It all depends on what you are doing with it!
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