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    Sony Handycam CCD TRV68 NTSC to PC?

    I received a Sony Handycam CCD TRV68 NTSC from a realtive. (no manual). Is there a way to get the videos onto my PC?

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    Hmmm.. first you must understand that in order to get it into the PC (or digitizing it), the firewire is usually a better choice. The problem: This camera likely doesn't have that port because it is a Hi8 recorder (analogue) and not a D8 (D for digital) recorder.

    There are 2 ways to go about it as far as I can understand. Disclaimer: I speak as a Sony user who has done the same and what I do is not exhaustive, definitely

    You need a D8 player or video camera. D8 cameras can playback footages recorded on Hi8, and they have the firewire port! Yeah!

    Your camera comes with RCA/SVideo output, and if you think you want to invest a little more into video making (also by your discretion, this particular camera is more than sufficient for your needs and it will still work for the next 2-3 yrs), then you may want to purchase Computer Video Editing Adapter, like:

    Trust this is helpful. Have fun!


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