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    peter pan

    from computer to vcr

    Hello every one .
    i have a small problem .. i try to export a movie from my computer to my vcr but i can't .

    my os is windows xp .

    my vga card is radeon 9100 vivo 128 ddr ( power color )
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    the vga card has :

    1 svideo out , 1 svideo in
    1 composite out & 1 composite in .

    i have no problem with capturing .. but when i tried to export the final footage - i use premiere 6.5 ( print to video command ) which make the footage full screen .

    then i pressed the rec. key in my vcr .

    i checked the tape but i had nothing recorded on the tape .

    some one send a similar problem in this forum and he had an advice to check first the connection between the pc and any tv set .

    well that is what i did .

    i connect the svideo out from my pc to the svideo-in of the TV and i put the connection between the speaker and the audio in composite plug.

    i turned the TV on the AV channel but i didn't receive any picture only the voice of a clip played as a full screen on my pc.

    i checked again the vga manual . i noticed that in the scheme the composite out and the s- video out is only from the pc to a TV set and not to a vcr and camcorder as the s- video in and the composite in .

    i said no problem if i can recieve a picture on the TV set it is the half way and i can connect the vcr to the TV and record from it ( it is a long turn .. but what can i do !! )

    I will appreciated any good idea or advice to fix this problem .

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    Re: from computer to vcr

    I don't think it matters that the manual only shows the PC connecting to a tv. It should still work with a video recorder.

    If you can't get a picture on your tv or video recorder then it sounds like there's something wrong with your setup in Premier. Sorry but I can't help you much there.

    One other thing to check... is your video recorder set to the right AV input? If it has more than one set of inputs make sure the right one is selected.


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