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    Halftone printouts

    I am attemping to produce good halftones onto acetate for use with photo etching using Photoshop and a good quality epson printer. I need a pattern of strong black dots in the dark areas of the image without it filling in and becoming solid black. What I am getting at the moment is solid black in the dark areas and lighter dots in the mid to light tone areas.The dots in the light areas need to be as strong as in the dark, only less of them. Can anyone suggest best print settings or photoshop trickery to get this result

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    What are you outputting this from, For halftone you really need a PostScript printed.

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    Byron - that's how inkjet printers work, they just use dots so small that you can't tell that they're dots (and the paper absorbs them).
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    shahin samaei

    try this, printout 2 images, the outer border of both printouts will be the same but the inner section of one printout will have no dots, you need to make sure your registration marks are prfect, then lay 2 images on each other. At least this is what I think you are trying to get at.

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    Shahin Samaei

    What was your result?

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    shahin samaei

    This is too old, but anyone knows the result?


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