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    Learning how to make cool effects for videos....

    Hey guys, my name is Rex, and I am wondering how to put some cool effects into some of the videos that I make with my friends, for my band. Like, I want to learn how to be able to film something, then have me walk, on top of the film that I have already made, across the screen. Cool stuff like that, if you have any Ideas on how to make movies look more cooler and they might be useful, please respond thanks

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    Let me start off by saying hello.

    Step one. Get a green, blue, orange, or whatever solid color wall.

    Step two. Light it well with no shadows.

    Step three. Film your self in front of it, (make sure that you are not wearing clothing the color of the wall, and that you are not casting shadows)

    Step four. ...................

    Step five. Profit
    Manoni Productions
    Pass me another beer...You are still ugly!

  3. #3 would I make like thought bubbles in a video....?

    I am wanting to know now, how I would put like a picture, or a thought bubble into a video so I could make it look like people were thinkin...that is a nother effect I want to achieve....

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    Make your effect in Photoshop, after effects, or any other application like that and just simply insert file.
    Manoni Productions
    Pass me another beer...You are still ugly!


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