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    Adobe Premiere Pro HELP!!!

    Hi. Excuse me if this is a really stupid question, or if there is an equally stupid answer, but I'm not all that computer literate. Anyway, I've had Premiere pro for a couple of months now, and it was all working fine.

    Then I had serious computer issues and had to do a complete system restore. Once restored I reuploaded Premiere Pro onto my computer. Ever since, I have been unable to upload .avi files into the movie maker. I get an error message which says, "unsupported audio rate in file"

    It let me upload .avi files before, so I have no idea why it wont let me do it now.

    Any ideas?Suggestions?


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    Are you sure that you have uploaded the same version that you had to begin with?
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    If you have Powerdvd or Nvdvd installed, try uninstalling them and see what happens.

    Otherwise, is there any way you can use another program to convert the files to uncompressed AVI? If you can do that, you should then be able to import them into Premiere.
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    Would probably make sure you have all the correct video and audio encoders and codecs installed on your newly re installed windows machine.

    Hope this helps


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