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    Software for Video Editing

    Hi I'm wanting to also transfer my old VHS tapes onto DVD's like another person posted. And plus I'm thinking about getting that Studio Plus(there are several versions and i haven't decided on which yet) from pinnacle.

    Here's what i want to be able to do:

    SLOW MOTION in any part of video
    PHOTOS added in the video
    MUSIC being added to any part of video
    VOICE NARRATION in any part of video.

    Some of the Studio Plus series found at pinnacle do some of the things I listed but it does not specify all the things I listed. Especially FADE IN/FADE OUT. I really want FADE IN/FADE OUT capability. Maybe they use a different term that I'm not familiar with.

    And so far through out all my searching I have yet to come across any software that mentions FADE IN/FADE OUT. A lot of sites are very vague in their descriptions of their product anyway.

    Any suggestions on software that will do everything I listed?

    And also I would like to make copies of each DVD I make. So I want to be sure the software will also copy all the interactive menus on the DVD I'm copying from. Any tips, advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this is a new adventure for me.

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    I am not sure what your budget is, and i am guessing that some of the Freeware people on here will be able to help you with cheaper options. However, I would recommend Final Cut Express, or Avid Express for a paid software. and the Pinnacle that you looked at will probably do what you are looking for too ( I have never used it, buy most of them do) the fade in and out you are looking for is called a dissolve, so that may help in your decision process. hope this helps
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    Regarding the fade in/out terminology, you might like to look for terms like "mix" or "dissolve". This is a type of transition between two shots (see example).

    A fade in can be thought of as a transition from black to the first shot. Therefore any software that supports dissolves can do a fade in/out.

    BTW, the word "fade" is often associated with audio rather than video, to avoid confusion. This could be partly why you don't see the word "fade" in video as much as you would think.
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