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    How do I get my videos from cam to pc?

    Ok, I have a JVC SVHS camcorder, model # GR-SXM260U. What kind of cable do i need to get to put my videos from the camera tapes to my computer so that I can edit them? I am getting really frusterated because no one seems to have the right answer.

    Someone please help me


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    You need either a tv capture card like the Leadtec TV 2000 deluxe or you can use the more expensive canopus converters or if you know someone with a digital camcorder then you can connect your camera to that and connect it to a computer via the firewire connection.

    Those are your only alternatives. How much money did you want to spend and what did you want to do with the end product.

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    Westie is right about it being how much you want to spend and what you are going to do with the final product. There are a few more options. you could go to a prod house, and have them make quicktime files, or wmpg files for you...or you could buy a DVD burner, and burn dvds then you you'd need a ripper and a decompresser, that is NOT the way that i would recommend!!!!!
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