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Thread: dvd copy help

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    dvd copy help

    I have a DVD, and I want to copy it with CSS in excellent DVD copying quality. Does anyone know which is the best dvd copy tools?


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    I recommend Imtoo dvd copy express
    but it is shareware, if you are interesting in it, you can browes here:

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    You can use yasa dvd ripper platinum to rip dvd. It works well.

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    Mobile Ringtone Converter 2.3

    Mobile Ringtone Converter 2.3
    Mobile Ringtone Converter can convert Mix audio to Moblie Ringtone format.
    Mobile Ringtone Converter can Convert / Record / Mix audio to Moblie Ringtone format as MP3, OGG, AMR, MMF ,AMRWB, WAV..

    It can convert audio to Mobile Ringtone as MP3, OGG, AMR, MMF, AMRWB, WAV.
    It can import WAV, MP3, OGG, AMR, AMR WB+, MPEG, AIFF, AU, WAV file.
    It can add recording track to audio. Input source is from Microphone, CD Player, Sterte Mix, Line In.
    Mobile Ringtone Converter is an useful tool of converting Mix audio to Moblie Ringtone format.
    Even if users have little computer knowledge, they can use it smoothly.

    In a word, if you want to convert audio format files to mobile format, choose Mobile Ringtone Converter.

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    AoA DVD Copy 2.7.9

    AoA DVD Copy 2.7.9
    Back up your DVD movies onto DVD discs with one click. Back up your DVDs on your hard drive. Supports ALL recordable media formats including DVD+R/RW.
    With simplified copy and burning capabilities, AoA DVD COPY is ideal for consumers who want a fast, easy way to protect and share their personal DVDs. It provides a fast and easy way to make copies of the DVDs in your collection. Simply press one button and you can copy your DVDs to your hard drive or to DVD+R/RW discs.

    Featuring a user-friendly interface that requires no learning process, AoA DVD COPY appeals not only to first-timers and novices, but also to advanced users who demand all the technical control options. The working copies allow you to play your DVDs on home and computer DVD players every day without the inevitable risk of getting your originals scratched or damaged.
    AoA DVD COPY offers you an extremely easy to use software interface to copy DVDs. You can back up your DVD movies onto DVD discs or hard drive and achieve true quality 1:1 copies of your DVDs. It also supports burn a DVD file to a blank DVD disc.

    With AoA DVD COPY, you own an efficient way to create backup copies of your DVD collection in simple 3-step process. While you get the product, you get disc protection with no loss of playback quality from producer.

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    Thanks everybody!

    Candycaw: Imtoo dvd creator have been updated to V3, right?

    I must admit I had stopped using ImToo and gone back to Nero. ImToo was seriously lacking features and seemed quite slow.

    But just used the new version its a huge improvement , far superior appearance, still very easy to use/navigate, seems to be improved speed of conversion, definatly uses far less dvd disc space than Nero so far I am very happy with the new version and will move back to ImToo.

    Hope the feedback helps and more people could get the useful software.

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    It seems that you have used this software, i am very pleased with Imtoo dvd creator V3.0 software!!!!
    it makes dvds excellent and they play on ALL of my 3 machines!!!!
    ( this is allmost unheard of with all other dvd software i have used)
    and does many different types of files too
    that nero 7 will not even handle!!!!!

    And now you return the imtoo? I think that is a smart choice

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    Here's the thing with imtoo: Most of the recommendations I have seen for it come from fake forum messages. Take "candycaw" for example. Here is a person who has posted a total of five messages in our forums, all of which are recommendations for imtoo. This user has also posted other messages which have been deleted because they were in breach of our rules - again, supporting imtoo.

    We get a lot of the same people here - users who come in and only ever post messages saying imtoo is great. I've become sick of deleting these spammy messages but I'll keep deleting them except for a few like this which I'll leave because I think it's important for people to see what's going on.

    My advice is to only take advice from genuine users. Before you place any weight on a person's opinion, check what other messages they have posted. If they only ever post propaganda for certain products, it's safe to assume theirs is not an objective opinion.
    Dave Owen

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    nuff said Dave.
    I for one would not touch ImToo, but it is up to all of you to make the decision for yourselvs
    Manoni Productions
    Pass me another beer...You are still ugly!

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    Hay naku! Well, you may not even be checking this anymore, but... DVD shrink works great and it's free. It's not supported anymore (I don't think) but still works very impressively. I've spent many dollars chasing your idea too, but all over the counter purchases require a third party plug in to deal with the copyright thing. The tough one these days is Sony...their encryption is tough to beat. I also use DVD encrypter as my burning software after DVD shrink makes the .iso. It's free too.
    I use ImToo for my conversions of Vob's to mpegs and such, for my you tube videos! It's a good product as well. I think Nero sucks....but that's just me! Gusto mo ng advice ko?

    After rereading the posts...I think Hanaku, lily med and candycaw are sharing the same apartment! Oh keeps us talking I guess!

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