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    Anybody used Easy Made Memories?

    Hi, I am new to this board. I am excited to be here. Video is my passion!

    I have a friend that turned me on to a new free program, called Easy Made Memories. You can take your photos and videos and make a voice narrated show that ends up as a DVD that you can put in your TV, which is perfect for my present project. The program has lots of free frames and backgrounds and such. So far the program has been fun to play with and easy to use, but I havenít seen the DVDís that come out of it yet.

    Iím excited to get a finished DVD, but before I order it, I was wondering if anyone else had experience using this program? Mostly I was wondering about the quality of the DVD and disc graphics.

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    welcome to the boards! Please post when the DVD comes out.
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    A quick answer: The quality of the video would depend on the quality of video/photo you have given. If you have given a photo shot on a 1.3megapix camera, it would likely be less sharp unless the good people over the counter decides to keep the image small enough so as not to 'overstretch' your picture so much that it loses sharpness.

    Easy Made Memories allow users to have all the fun 'pasting' their virtual scrapbooks, and earn their keeps by offering to do the finishing touches, namely giving you your hard work in a DVD! I think it's good that you've enjoyed the process. The makers have won half the battle.

    In my opinion, it's quite expensive... Apple's iMovie allows you to do similar stuff (with templates, but perhaps less control over pasting little cartoons here and there), then again not everyone wants to go through tt hassle.

    Overall thoughts, sounds fun to give it a go! If not, ask your friend whether he/she ordered a DVD and why/why not? (maybe he/she's waiting for you to try it out! In that case ask him/her to chip in! Haha...)
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