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    Technical A/V project for work

    I’ve been given a project to do at work. What I need to accomplish is a whole media set up for a convention. What my boss wants is to have a DVD play on to a projector, then go into a slideshow with music, then into a live feed of the person on stage. And while the live feed is on the big screen he wants to be able to overlay the video with changeable text to inform the audience of different information. Of course he wants all of this done from a laptop because the “convention” will have to be mobile. So far he’s ordered a very nice laptop with dual monitor support and we got a digital camcorder with firewire to film the live feed for the big screen.

    What I need to find is the software. I’ve tried putting the system together using various DVD software, PowerPoint, and Microsoft media player but he is not happy with the switching between the media. It needs to be much smoother. With all of the conventions that go on in the world I would think that someone would come up with software that can do it all. I just need to find it.

    The way he wants the show to run is:

    All of this is running to a large projector and house sound with the use of a mixing board
    Select a track off of a DVD
    While the video ends, smoothly go into a
    Picture (.jpg) with background music fading in
    Then after awhile smoothly go into a live feed from a digital camcorder with
    The ability to overlay text onto the feed.

    Any ideas or helpful hints would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Re: Technical A/V project for work

    When you switch between media - does the picture jump? I'm guessing this is what you mean when you say it needs to be smoother.

    Are you familiar with video timing? Any external media (cameras etc) each have their own timing parameters and these need to be matched (or compensated for) when you switch between them. For more details about timing see the following page:

    Don't panic abaout all the technical details though - the page above is more relevant to people working in broadcast TV studios. In your situation you won't need to worry about setting all the timing parameters - you'll probably just need to make sure the synch pulses are in synch for any external devices.
    So exactly how do you do this? Personally I would opt for a cheap vision mixer which provides a consistent synch. You should be able to talk to your local AV equipment supplier about this.

    As for the internal media (digital files on your laptop), they could be brought together by a software package such as Macromedia Director or Flash ( ). I don't have much experience with Director but I have used Macromedia Flash to do presentations with mixed media and it works quite well.

    Another software package is Scala ( ). I used to use this a long time ago and it was the best available. It is used for everything from kiosk applications to stadium big screens.

    Hope this helps and good luck.


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    Re: Technical A/V project for work

    get a professional to do it


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