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    making logos on premier 6.0

    i tring to make a logo work on premier here
    now i previously made de transperant logo using photoshop
    but when it goes on premier its all messed up

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    make sure you merge all layers in PS before trying to import to a video editing program! if you are unsure as to how to do this, please post again and i will be glad to help you!
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    Hi locust108

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'messed up'. There can be a few reasons or some parts you may have missed in your process, in addition to what kaw's mentioned.

    1. Canvas Size
    Under Image > Canvas Size.

    What is the size of your work area in photoshop? Try to keep it in the same size (eg 720 X 480 pixels for NTSC/ 720 x 576 for PAL or any other sizes). If you do not, it will distort when you import. If you don't mind that, put the image on video 2, right-click on the pasted image on the timeline and look for aspect ratio. Then set aspect ratio as original (or something like that, I can't exactly remember). Whoala... you got it, but you'll get black borders likely.

    2. Format of image saved
    What format do you save? They all work in every sense... Sometimes I like to fill the Canvas with a certain color that is totally not found on my image and key it out (put the image on video 2, right-click on the pasted image on the timeline and look for transparency this time. Look for what you need, eg Chroma/Matt etc). It works nicely. I like to export images as .Tiff, but it's pretty up to preference, if nobody would beg to differ.

    Trust these may help you as much as it has for me when I was learning. But as have been suggested, if these 2 common issues are not your issues, please try to explain further. Have fun!
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