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    Audio CD Ripping software advice

    I have some bad CD's that have gotten damaged from extensive use. The cd's now have some pops ect in it. I want to rip these audio cd's and burn them to new cd's. is there a software that can rip/recover these tracks to mp3 so that I can than burn them with all the track data?

    I have tried some regular cd recovery software but it will only recover them as wav files, which means I than lose all the track data and will end up with a burned cd that has file names track 01, track 02, ect.

    What software do you recommend?

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    Manoni Productions
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    Maybe imtoo cd ripper could help you, but I just have used the imtoo dvd audio ripper and found it's very helpful, I believe that imtoo's product are good for spend money on it.
    So you could free to try and decide if it made you satisfied.
    Here could give you more information about it:

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    Most (store bought) audio CDs don't have track data on them. The track data comes from various online sources (CDDB, FREEDB, etc).

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    try ImTOO Audio Maker, which has three functions: convert, rip and burn. In rip module, CDDB button lets u get track data of CD from FreeDB, then rip this CD to mp3 or other audio formats. Finally, u can use burn module to burn these mp3 files to a brand-new audio CD.

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    both the imtoo products can make it? okay,i'll try them

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    Hi naiviv,
    If you want another choice,I would recommend WinX Convertor.One professional rip, convert, burning software. What most impresses us about the program is its highly output quality.


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