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    Any help appreciated

    Hi- I am new to this site as well as new to complex programming. Sorry in advance for the long explanation.
    I have several radio sites on web that provide audio/video feeds for police and fire radio traffic for those who are interested in this media as I am. (Firefighter).
    I have been growing these sites and have progressed to asking for donations to keep these alive. I have had to limit this listening to 15 minutes, and then a redirect until they refresh. This gives others a chance to listen also. I allow 10 users at a time access to my site. I also have a blind link to a password to listen without timeout for those who continually donate.
    I am using either XP Pro or Win 2000 on computers that feed the media encoder and then a centos powered web server for the pages with password protection for paid users. I also encript my web pages to hide my code.
    I have embedded the media player in the code and use an asx file to point to my media encoder info.
    Here is the help I need. I am finding that anyone can go around my password protection with very little trouble and use media player and link right to the asx file.
    Is there any way to protect the asx file so as to not be able to directly access it by a raw media player. That is ONLY be able to get it through my web pages and additional password protection for unlimited listening.
    Below are my codings.

    Media encoder embedings in my web pages:
    <!-- START MODIFIED CODE --><object id="mediaPlayer"
    standby="Loading Microsoft Windows Media Player components..."
    type="application/x-oleobject" height="170" width="365"><param
    name="fileName" value=""><param
    name="animationatStart" value="true"><param name="transparentatStart"
    value="true"><param name="autoStart" value="true"><param
    name="showControls" value="false">
    <embed name="MediaPlayer1" src=""
    autostart="true" controls="1" align="baseline" height="170" width="365"></object>
    <p style="color: rgb(255, 102, 0);"><!-- END MODIFIED CODE --></p>

    My asx files:

    <ASX version="3.0">
    <REF HREF = "scanjersey2.wmv" />
    <REF HREF = "" />
    <ref HREF="users.wmv"/>
    <ref HREF="offline.wmv"/>

    the ip address is the actual link, the rest are files with headers and tails.

    You can see the actual website at

    Thank you in advance, for your help and patience.

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    Define your src address in a session variable that is posted when a user is on the page.

    Then set a simple timer in the session to expire in 15 mins.

    Have your preview set with a simple if else statement that requires a session variable or else video wont display. Simply as that.


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