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I gather from A and B that in Metro, nothing is really "mixed to tape" untill you do the final CD burn. You can always undo everything, or unmix it, I guess. I'm going to have to find someone in town that has Metro so I can play with it. Well, have fun.

Maybe. I am not sure how different it is. BUT I WAS GLAD TO FIND IT ALL WORKS!!!

This is what I DID--->

Again, you don't add anything back to any tracks. The faders in the aux-view are for determining the "send" value for the tracks into the separate effects chain. In other words, a value of 127 on a fader means that you send the audio from that track to the effects chain at full volume, while 0 means that you do not send any of it.

And I tested and it DOES WORK!!!!!! My mistake was to think that ***if I add it to the effect chain then every track is going to get the combined effect.**** In fact, it did not. So it works GREAT!!!!!

So in Aux-view I have fader 1 and fader 2 both at 127, so both sending audio from those tracks into effect chain. What I was wondering is at THIS point was that since audio 1 and audio 2 are BOTH in the effects chain, the ****effect is in essence would be made up of the audio of both.**** So I was worried that the effect would potentially be muddier. In other words, the more tracks added TO the effects chain by the send in Aux-view, the more complex the effect chain.

BUT I WAS WRONG. I tested this and was happy to find this:

In track one I am singing a single low OMMMMMMM
In track two I am singing a stacatto fast beep beep beep.

In aux view I add both to the effects bus. AU PITCH at 127 fader position.

Then in main view I lowered and raised the volume faders, expecting the altered pitch of both to effect track 1 and track 2. In fact, happily, they did not. Only track 1 pitch bend came back to track 1.

I thought once the track is added to the effect chain then that sound would be made available to every track, which would not be good. I would not want the Ommmm pitch change in my beep beeep beep track. And it dod not happen, which is great!!!!

So whatever I was misunderstanding , using the BUS ---IS-- MUCH MORE EFFICIENT. Though I am adding different things into th effects chain, each track retains only its own info. THIS ---IS--- good news.

Not sure how normal this is. I guess I get flustered when my grasp of things technical is not quite right. Biut as long as it works. I really appreciate your having worked on this with me. Still feel a bit overwhelmed, butu it WORKS, and that is the good thing.



I am in Japan, how about you?