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    Exporting avi how long should it take

    Firstly hi all

    Its my 1st post and I have used some of the tuitorials on this website and have found them usefull Thanks

    Just a quick question. I have finally finished a 2 hour movie edit 2hr 10 mins to be exact. It contains music sound effects and some basic supers.

    Using Adobe premier 2.0
    I am rendering it out as we speak in AVI and cinepak codec to import into Adobe Encore. It says timeleft 35hrs and 17% done so far.

    Its in 16:9 in SD quality.

    Does this sound like a normal figure ????

    any help would be great.


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    the render time is directly related to the speed of your computer. What are the specs of your computer so we can have a better understanding what we are working with?
    P.S. thanks for joining, I look forward to sharing experiences with you
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