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    imran shawn

    audio system works???????

    hi, i am a student of first year engineering n i have an assignment over production and playing of music and amplifiers.
    can u help me out.

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    Hi Imran,

    Your question is too vague - you need to ask specific questions if you want people to help. As your message reads, it seems that you want someone to do your assignment for you. Obviously that ain't gonna happen, but if you have some particular area you need help with then I'm sure someone will be able to offer advice.

    BTW, it's not a good idea to post your email address directly into forum messages as they get picked up by spammers. It's better to register and use the blind email system - that way no one gets to see your email address unless you want them to. Also, people don't usually reply to email addresses in forums - they prefer to reply directly to the message. This is better for everyone.
    Dave Owen


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