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    video format

    as to the video converters , here is a passage about some information about video formats ,which I searched on web ,and want to share it with all of u.

    As we all know that video formats are classified into two applications, one for local use and the other for Internet. The formats for local use include AVI, nAVI, DV-AVI,MPEG suite, Dvix, MOV, etc. What the differences between these formats? Iím here to give some general information as a guide.

    AVI, Audio Video Interleaved, is developed by Microsoft in 1992. AVI has such advantages as high image quality, application in multi-platforms. But its disadvantages are also explicit, large volume, without a unified compression standard, and the most common nuisance is that the higher-version Windows Media Player simply canít play AVI videos which are edited with earlier codes, and vise versa.

    So it is not a uncommon case that when we AVI videos , it just donít work or anyway it works ,there is only audio without image or such kinds of weird problems. If you happen to be stuck with these tracks, download related codecs to cope.

    MPEG, Moving Picture Expert Group, is the format of VCD, SVCD, DVD. This format applies lossy compression to reduce redundant info in active images, and to express it more clearly, MPEG makes use of the fact that the two contiguous images are almost the same, to extrat the redundant info of the latter image ,as so to meet the compression aim( the highest compression reaches 200:1).At present, MPEG suite family members are MPEG-1,MPEG-2,MPEG-4.The other two MPEG-7 and MPEG-2 are right now under development.

    If you are wanna do something about converting mpeg to other formats .Here is a good choice: ImTOO MPEG Encoder ,a powerful video converter which contains functions of iPod video converter and MPEG converter, can convert to 3GP, MPEG(MPG), WMV, AVI, DivX, MP4,, PSP among most popular video formats. The video converter (MPEG Encoder) software also provides a powerful way to extract audio from video files, convert among all audio formats including CD, MP3, WMA, WAV, etc.

    MOV, developed by Apple , features a high compression ratio and near perfect definition, while its most outstanding trait is its trans-platform ability, supporting Windows other than its intimate pal MacOS.

    But not many players support all the formats, so if you have such differently formatted files stored in you PC, and wanna play them on your iPod, PSP,or cute mobiles, you have to do some conversion work , You can google them .

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    My solution to all this file format confusion is to keep everything really important on mini DV tapes. They are cheap, easy to store and the decks to play them on will be around for a generation, even BetaSP decks are still in production now.

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    Needed MPEG file format Can you help

    Hey guys I need the file format and the encoding of mpeg or mp3 file formats
    can any one help me with the actual file format links in the web

    thank you

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    I usually use some mpeg converter to convert the format, do you like it?
    You could search it from google
    In my opinion, Imtoo or MP4 is good in this area
    I use the imtoo mpeg converter for a longtime, and feel good
    if you are intreseting in it, visit here you could get more information:

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    Why do I use Alldj DVD to iPod Converter converters generation iPod documents I painted above the iPod occasionally stop?I would like to ask how to solve?
    Does the conversion time for video bitrate is too high numerical when players are unable to deal with?
    I was in under the trial version.

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    AVI is a container format (inside a RIFF structure). It could contain high quality uncompressed YUV or RGB data, or it could contain overcompressed crap.
    MOV is also a container format. The same things apply.
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    I have 1 question, do any of you guys make your own content for your web site?? because all the formats that you have mentioned are easily copied.
    or did I miss something??
    if your making some clips. I am ASSUMING that you would want some control over your clip aside from the fact that the formats mentioned takes up a lot of bandwidth
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    Good article!
    And there are seems willie04 want to give us more information about this?
    listen with respectful attention!

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    You done a good search on the internet on the different file formats, but the people need help on some Peculiar format not on all.

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    There are kinds of video formats now. You can learn more other video format by following this link.


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