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    Indie filmmaker's Amazng Story...

    Here is something at least one person out there would be interested in:


    Its about this guy who shot a 12 minute short film on HDV in 10 hours using a camera he was lent by Sony for a day.

    Hope this is an entertaining read and puts confidence in people who don't have money and want to be filmmakers.

    Reply with your thoughts, and I might just try and hunt down some more!


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    there is a contest here that is like that. Every Summer (End of summer) there is a "zero budget" contest. all you can have is a Camera, and editing system. they pair the production crews with "actors" 24 hrs make a movie. Winner takes home some killer prises. It is fun i try to participate every year
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    Very cool.
    I always shoot with a "zero budget", at least that is what I tell my wife....let's just keep that between us.

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    Over where I am, there are many video contests in a year. From one that has primary (8 to 12 yr olds) students (they call it DV campus Video Competition), to fly-by-nights (given a topic, concpetualize, shoot, edit within 48 hrs) that's similar to Kaw's, to national open categories where your stuff gets broadcast when shortlisted for the finals, and of course film festivals competitions.

    Sad to say, I've not been able to join any yet...

    Shoot the most, pay the least. Yup most film makers' creed, esp the indies... I'm where you are dev_gear...
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    Thanks for sharing that B_List19. It fascinates me how people can do so much with so little. I like the 48-hour competitions too, there's a lot of talented people out there and it's great to watch them at work.
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