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    Choppiness/color distortion upon playback

    On my 2008 Sony Vaio laptop (Windows Vista), I make some short videos and notice there is no pausing or color distortion/glitches when viewing in Windows Media Player and no problem once uploaded to youtube.

    But when I make a video on my desktop, with Windows 7 with the same camera/software/etc, it comes out distorted, choppy and has some color distortion.
    Here is an example of a video that plays choppily and has some color distortion in some parts.

    Camera: Sony HDR CX110
    Video software: PMB software that came with the Sony camcord
    Editting program: Corel Video Studio Pro X3

    Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.

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    really strange, ihave to say. the only thing i can think about is maybe checking pmb software version, maybe the laptop has a different ver. than the desktop.
    also, u should update it anyhow to the latest ver. if that doesnt work, try updating quicktime player to the lates version.
    all in all it looks like a codec problem. hopefully these actions will correct the problem.
    this happens only after export? while editing the footage looks right?


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