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    Streaming Live Feed - 30fps

    Hey all,

    After looking at this page, I would like to know if anyone could tell me the following...

    I would like to know which problems I would face if I used the system from above to transmit a live video feed from Hawaii to my Website, to reach an Internet audience. I have most of the information, but just want to know what problems could arise in terms of bandwidth, propogation delays etc?

    Also - looking to capture at about 30 fps.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place mods.

    Appreciate any light shed on the matter (as always!)!

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    I can help you on that. about 27-30 fps is what I am getting. email me at and I will help you to get going. Thanks

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    You are going to face latency (delay between an action happening at the source and being shown at the destination). I would suggest some caching at your relay station to buffer a bit more, adding more latency but accounting for different amounts of data getting there at different times (due to bandwidth, overhead, tcp errors and retransmitted packets) so that the video stream doesn't break on minor glitches.
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