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    I think the HDD camcorders look very promising. I haven't tested any myself but I'm going to do so within the next couple of months.

    As for DVD camcorders, well, I really don't like them.
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    vob files

    we just bought a dvd camcorder. now we like to edit the footage. so we try to transfer the vob files from the dvd onto the hd and then edit problem so far. just the editing software moviemaker for windows and imovie on our mac do not recognise this extension. converting them to avi is really bad ithink in terms of quality. do we really have to buy expensive software for some lightweight editing!!!! we are just starting with this medium. no experience whatsoever. camare was cheap though(samsung v161)

    please can anybody help

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    Duh... can't find the camera you mentioned... I am just guessing you bought a Samsung VP-DC161WB camera? I might be wrong, but isn't it a PAL system? Or perhaps your country uses PAL?

    I have never tried to convert a recorded DVD from a DVD-camcorder before, but I guess you can try using Handbrake for the Mac (freeware). It will convert to (IMO) good quality mpeg-4 (can't remember if there's any other formats). Possible for editing with iMovie thereafter...

    As for Windows... not sure if Nero Recode can do it.

    The most ridiculous (and last resort) would be usings the firewire to digitize... but that seriously defeat the purpose of the recorder in the first place!!!
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    Quote: nagar
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    I guess you can try using Handbrake for the Mac (freeware). It will convert to (IMO) good quality mpeg-4

    this should work
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    those are mostly only consumer product quality. Sony really amps these cameras up, however my personal opinion is that these cameras are not of the best quality. with that said, if you are looking to not edit and just film some outings and then go straight to the tv screen this is an option that may be cheaper in the long run. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask. If i do not know them, or can't find them, i will find someone who can answer them for you.
    What camcorder would you recommend for recording occasional videos like weddings, real estate , corporate movies, universaries etc.? I plan to record and edit the videos myself.
    Is there a software for video editing that you would recommend? (I use Ulead Studio 11 for my hobby videos)
    A computer system (Mac or PC windows)?
    (I am thinking about doing videography for different occasions)

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    If you are thinking of doing this professionally you will need at least two cameras, one can be a little less expensive than your primary.

    The lowest quality camera I would recommend for a A roll is the Canon XH A1 but would suggest the XH G1. For a B roll you could use the Canon HV20.

    These are both MiniDV camcorders with high quality and shoot HDV as well as SD. Editing with Adobe Premiere Elements or Premiere Pro would be a good choice in my opinion. You will also need to have some good DVD Authoring software, Premiere Elements doesn't have professional DVD Authoring capability so you would need Encore DVD or DVD Architect, Premiere Pro comes with Encore DVD.

    You will also need good photo Editing Software like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

    There is some good advice on starting out in professional videography here

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